We are passionate about organic wholefood home-produced vegetarian and vegan food, we consider them the mains and the meats the sides. Our main objective is to share our knowledge of REAL FOODS v’s FAKE FOODS, non-hybrids and hybrids, it is a known fact that certain types of foods can rid our bodies of harmful cells and replenish with knew ones in a nano second.

Alive Organic Cafe  (popup) has a primary focus on providing clean chemical free meals that replenish ones body. In order to do this Alive Organic Cafe and its wholefoods living development chef AKA ” the mineral chef” richard and students, have developed unique menus rich mineral diets that promote well being, better energy, better weight management and nicer sleeps , who doesn’t want that now ?

Now we focus on pop-up cafe nights that provide some useful information and education around minerals in foods and what ones are good for us and what ones are not. Have a home cafe night takeachef personal chef

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